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How Verizon Completely Failed a New Customer

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After 11 or 12 years with Sprint, we switched to Verizon in October 2014 because our son in college did not have Sprint coverage – Verizon was really our only option. So reluctantly, we switched all 3 family lines to Verizon and added a 4th line.

It was a nightmare from the beginning, which was 4 hours in the store while the salesperson took care of transferring 3 lines and adding a 4th. To this day, I can’t figure out what took so long. Then, we find out we have to wait for 3 of the phones to be mailed; which meant we had to overlap services with both companies at a significant cost (and inconvenience). But we go ahead with it, because college kiddo needs cell phone coverage.

Fast forward a few weeks, and three of us have our phones. But not college kiddo. After significant research and time suck, we find that somehow college kiddo’s phone was cancelled, so we have to reorder. And find out they are offering a $150 credit per line transferred. They agree that for all our trouble and frustration, they would honor this credit for all three transferred lines. This was November.

No credit on our November bill, however $150 credit showed up on our December bill. I wait for the January bill, thinking that maybe they just do one credit a month, or that it would catch up on the next bill. No credit at all.

So, I go on Verizon’s website to live chat to figure out what the problem is. After a lengthy amount of time, I’m assured that the additional $300 credit will show up on the next bill. So, I believe the customer service gal and make the serious mistake of not copying and saving the chat text.

Fast forward to today, when I sit down to pay all my bills and see that, once again, there’s no credit. So, I jump on Verizon’s website, click on Live Chat, and begin a conversation that I’m certain was over 2 hours in length. Suffice it to say that Verizon had several opportunities to do some customer service recovery, especially since we’ve had a terrible experience from the day we walked in to the store. I think buying a used car would have been less painful. They would absolutely NOT honor the $300 credit they had promised. The best they would do? $75. I declined – several times – and the customer service manager credited my account anyway. In what checkbook is $75 the same as $300???

After clicking the “email this chat transcript” button near the end of my chat session – TWICE – I magically never got an email with the chat transcript that I was planning to post to this blog. I wonder if the manager I was chatting with has the ability to NOT send the chat transcript, since I had told him I would be posting it in my blog???

Verizon…you completely failed. I suggest your customer service staff (and especially the managers) read the book QBQ: The Question Behind The Question by John Miller about accountability. Multiple people we came in contact had the ability to solve the problem – the buck stops with each one of you – and all failed to do so. What could have been a blog about how Verizon did the right thing is instead a blog about how Verizon failed miserably and has wasted many hours of my life that I will never get back.

Want to help share my outrage? Tweet Verizon at @Verizon, @VerizonWireless, @VerizonSupport and @VZWSupport, post on their Facebook page; or post on their Google+ page. Or perhaps all three.

Sprint…if you can figure out a way to help us out of the (stupid on our part) Verizon Edge full-price phone purchases we made, we’ll come back in a heartbeat.

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